Musik og sang

Music and Movement for Families

This class is for parents with children, between the ages of 2-4 years, who live and work temporarily in Denmark, and who would like to enjoy social activities, that revolve around music and movement, together with children and families in a similar situation. (Danish families are wellcome to).

At this class, we will: 
Sing, dance and play musical games, from abroad as well as from Denmark.
Play with instruments and props such as drums, egg shakers, scarfs and balls. 

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Through the musical activities, your child will have the opportunity to develop its musical, social, linguistic and motoric skills, and you will have the opportunity to share the joy for music and movement, together with your child and the other families.
The lessons will be in English.

The teacher is:
Charlotte Kielberg, educated from the Royal Academy of Music, with many years of experience teaching in music and movement with children and adults. At the same time, she has a wide knowledge of music, songs and dances from other countries, as Poland, France, England, Bulgaria and Africa.

The fee includes 1 adult + 1 child. Please note the name and birthday of the child in the space named : “evt. meddelelser til FOF”