Engelsk - Niveau 4 - 5

Engelsk - Niveau 4-5

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Holdnummer: 199300
Periode: 02-10-19 til 11-12-19
Onsdag 13:00 - 14:30
10 gange
Underviser: John Rampley
Sted: FOF Vejle, Ved Anlæget 12B, 3. Sal
Pris: kr. 965

Can you read and understand everyday English? Would you like to expand your vocabulary and learn to express yourself more freely, more naturally and feel more secure using the language?

John's native language is British English and he has lived in England most of his life. He encourages participants to use everyday English with an emphasis on the spoken and the written word. A mixture of short stories and current topics taken from English news, for example from the BBCand major English newspapers, are used.

The teaching takes place in English, with humour, laughter and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Teaching materials are agreed with the teacher, John Rampley.

kr. 100 is included for copy material. If larger material is to be copied instead of a book for teaching, it is paid directly to the teacher.

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tor 12-09-19 14:00
Birthe Ømark
11 gange
Kr. 975