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The English Book Club

The English Book Club

Every second Wednesday, we will discuss a new piece of modern or classic English literature. New angles on well-known and brand new stories will be unfolded, as the participants debate their viewpoints on novels, short stories, and stage plays. 

We will read a new novel, a short story, or a play between each course day as a preparation for the English book club. 

The teacher holds a university degreee in English Litterature and History.

Holdnummer: 183455
Periode: 19-09-18 til 12-12-18
Onsdag 10:00 - 11:40
6 gange
Underviser: Anna Chris Thompson
Sted: FOF Jernbanepladsen
Pris: kr. 725
PEA Ly-Taa kr. 665
Vi starter med at læse »The Only Story« af Julian Barnes.