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Speed Drawing (in English)


No matter if you can draw to perfection or didn't draw since you were a kid, you can always develop your drawings skills. Speed drawing is a drawing method where you get a limited amount of time to create a drawing. That way you are being forced to think and act quickly by trusting your intuition and drawing what you see instead what you think you see.

In this class you will draw with pencil, charcoal and crayon on paper. Through simple exercises you will develop your drawings skills, learn spontaneous sketching techniques and draw without overthinking it. You will work with various motifs, stilllifes, abstract and figurative subjects and even draw with your eyes closed.

In this class you will learn:

  • To draw what you see
  • To get comfortable with your own drawing style
  • To draw with and without a subject
  • To draw in ways you never thought were possible

This class is a fun and immediate way to approach drawing. You will get past your fear or insecurity and learn to enjoy the process as well as the result.

Every level and experience is welcome.