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Caribbean night - food from Puerto Rico

Food for the soul from Puerto Rico

Come join this Friday night cooking class, where we have lots of tasty must try Puerto Rican dishes on the menu. Puerto Rico is known as the land of pork, plantain and sofrito (a sauce used as a base for many dishes) and this is where you get some of the best Caribbean food!  

The teachers on the course is a Danish/Caribbean couple: Lene is Danish, Sean is from the USVI and his Mum is Puerto Rican. Sean’s family owned a restaurant for many years, and he grew up eating mostly Puerto Rican inspired food. Tonight some of the family recipes will come into play – come join us for a night full of fun and food for the soul.

After the cooking session we will eat dinner together and enjoy the many tasty, homemade dishes. (You may bring your own beverages – beer, wine, etc.).