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Par og kommende forældre til fødselsforberedelse ved underviser Lotte Molin, FOF Aarhus

Online contraction and childbirth class

Online contraction and childbirth class

Every childbirth is unique. Whether you are a first time mom or have other children, being in labour can be a challenging experience. Having the right knowledge before giving birth can prepare you for a lot of worrying. You will experience less pain, if you know how to work with your body.

Online antenatal classes at FOF Aarhus teach you to handle your contractions and your birth, so you have the control. You will be given different tools you can choose from during birth. You learn about the progress of a birth, how breathing can help you, and which body positions you can use during delivery.

This online class will give you the safety you need, and our highly trained educators will instruct you and prepare you for the forthcoming birth. Our educators are skilled and very experienced, so you can easily feel secure and ask about your worries.

During the online class, we will come across:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Contractions
  • Delivery positions
  • Visualizations and relaxation
  • Pain relief and massage techniques.

You are welcome to join the class alone or with a partner. If you join with a partner, you both need to sign up for the class beforehand. The price is DKK 100, - for one person. 

We recommend that you join the class in pregnancy week 26-36.

This class is in English and we use the platform Zoom. Read how to download Zoom.

We also offer a more focused and individualized class for you and a partner in English.