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Glæd dig til alle vores nye kurser, foredrag og ture! Vi åbner løbende for tilmelding, og senest d. 8/6 kan du se hele vores efterårsprogram.

Chokolade kursus i FOF Aarhus

Christmas Chocolate

Christmas Chocolate

Indulge in a chocolate extravaganza this Christmas! The course focuses on tempering techniques and creating a range of delectable treats.

Discover the art of working with chocolate as you master the following:

  • Chocolate with luscious orange ganache
  • Variations of small chocolate bars with unique flavors
  • Ginger candy bars paired with emulsified panna cotta

Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the world of confectionery chocolate. Perfect for those seeking to create delightful handmade gifts or simply the joy of chocolate-making.

Class is held in English.