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Vietnamesisk madlavning, FOF Aarhus.

Journey to Vietnam: Food from north to south

Journey to Vietnam: Food from north to south

Vietnamese cuisine is not only the famous Phở or spring rolls, it has so much more to offer. In this course, we will look deeper into the magical ingredients, spices and herbs, and you will learn all the important techniques to balance them and create truly inspiring Vietnamese dishes. It’s like a journey to Vietnam from north to south with many different traditional dishes. In each class you will learn how to prepare and cook two delicious dishes, from mouth-watering street food to fresh sweet-sour-salty salads to aromatic and flavorsome soup, etc.

All the classes are hand-on with easy to follow step by step recipes. Oanh will make sure you can recreate the recipes at home like a pro.

The class is conducted in English, but the teacher is able to explain things in Danish.

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