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COVID-19: Vi har opdateret vores corona-retningslinjer, gældende fra og med den 27. oktober. Du får direkte besked, hvis du er berørt af eventuelle ændringer i forbindelse med din undervisning/foredrag.

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Billede af kvinder der dyrker mindfulness på kursus ved FOF Aarhus

Cultivating Emotional Balance

Cultivating Emotional Balance

Pleasant or challenging emotions are part of life. Sometimes they lead to happiness and fulfilment, other times to stress, anxiety or loneliness. Early in life, we learn to hide or deny our emotions, and only look for the pleasant ones. Is this beneficial? What are the consequences of such behavior?

Through formal and informal practice of mindfulness, you learn how not to be overwhelmed by emotions and challenges, and work with them in a different way, so you can be in balance and enjoy your life more.

This class is for everyone. If you already had a mindfulness course, you will deepen your learning and practice, get new perspectives and tools to work with.