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Vi er glade for at byde dig velkommen i FOF Aarhus igen! Husk mundbind og gyldigt coronapas.

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Kvinder og mænd på yogamåtter med lukkede øjne, FOF Aarhus

Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat

Offer yourself the gift of a day when you find calm and peace, when you recharge your batteries after a long and dark winter. Without much dialogue, we will go through different mindfulness practices: different meditations, yoga, movement, eating and reflection. This type of practice is very impactful for the participants, bringing more self-awareness and self-discovery, self-compassion and inner peace.

You learn different practices and exercises under the guidance of an experienced teacher in a safe and quiet place.

If you had a mindfulness course or you practice mindfulness or meditation on your own, and you want to deepen your practice, this day is an opportunity for you to do this without needing to travel to a remote place.

Beginners are welcome as well and are encouraged to participate.



Dato Tid Sted Navn
1 Lørdag 26.03.2022 09:00-15:25 H. H. Seedorffs Str. 7 Carmen Elena Manea
Billede af FOF-underviser Carmen Manea

Carmen Elena Manea

I am a mindfulness teacher and coach, trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society from University of Massachusetts Medical School, in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training by Potential Project and in Cultivating Emotional Balance by Santa Barbara Institute USA.

I am trained as a coach by Coaching Training Institute from USA.

I have 12 years business experience with companies as Coca-Cola, Bricostore and LEGO Group, and a MA in Organization and Leadership, from Aalborg University.