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Kvinde der ligger på måtte med lukkede øjne og dyrker mindfulness, FOF Aarhus

Mindfulness & Meditation Stress Reduction

Mindfulness & Meditation Stress Reduction

Adapted from the well-known 8 weeks MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course, this class is for everyone who wants to learn to be more present, reduce stress and be happier.

Through mindful meditation, yoga, movement, and self-reflection you will notice the sensations in your body, the emotions getting in balance, the mind becoming clearer, and the stress and anxiety being reduced.

You will strengthen the connection between mind, body, and heart. We practice with kindness and firmness, and you will learn how to apply mindfulness in your daily life, become calmer and more focused, and increase your health and quality of life.

This class is in English.