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Vi åbner for tilmelding til alle efterårets hold d. 9. juni - men vi lægger løbende nye hold på hjemmesiden, så hold øje når der kommer nyt!

Undervisning i mindfulness ved FOF Aarhus, underviser Carmen Elena Manea



Most of us we are too hard on ourselves, especially in times when we are suffering, or we are doing mistakes. In this self-compassion class, you will learn how to stop being too hard on yourself, how to rather motivate yourself and be there for yourself instead of criticizing yourself, how to handle difficult emotions, how to transform difficult relationships with yourself and others.

Based on the well-known Self-compassion course by Kristin Neff, in this class you will learn about the research behind self-compassion, experiment with different meditation and exercises, practice self-reflection and other exercises to increase your self-compassion and learn how to use it in daily life.

The course is addressing everyone, no matter if you hare having any previous experience or if it’s the first time when you want to give yourself a chance to be more at peace.