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Billede af guitar, undervisning i FOF Aarhus

Guitar skills - beginners

Guitar skills - beginners

The course is for guitar players who wants to improve their techniques. We will focus on instrumental techniques such as proper posture, right-hand as well as left-hand techniques like picking and left-hand speed, coordination and strumming.

We will get around:

  • Right hand technique: picking; finger style, strumming with a basic understanding of rhythmic subdivisions and playing to a metronome.
  • Left hand technique: learning scale patterns (major scale, minor scale, pentatonic scales), learning chord positions (major triads minor triads, open chords and four-note seventh chords across the neck of the guitar), speed exercises.
  • Fretboard knowledge: training the recognition of the position of the notes on the fretboard through simple exercises.
  • Sight reading on guitar: understanding notation in terms of duration, intensity and height of the pitches on the staff to then transfer on the guitar’s fretboard through the reading of simple tailored etudes
  • Rhythm practice: understand the different rhythmic subdivisions and being able to execute them on the guitar along with a metronome.

Course Materials: The teacher will give hand-outs to the students each week according to their progress and area of interest. The course and materials will be in English. Materials are not included in the price.