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To kvinder til kor hos FOF Aarhus

Classical Vocal Training

Classical Vocal Training

An intensive course with teaching two times per week

The course focus on important basic technic for classical singing:
- to learn to breathe correctly, and eventually achieve breathing skills “like an opera singer”;
- to open your voice and learn how to control it;
- to develop your full singing range;
- to improve speech diction;
- to remove physiological (muscular) clamps of the body;
- to unleash your emotional potential:
- to expand your musical and cultural level.

The basic principle of the teaching is based on an individual approach to each student, selection of a personal training program and the most effective methodological techniques, depending on the personal characteristics of the student.
As a bonus, you can get information about the methods of personal self-harmonization and health hygiene of the singer, this can help to be healthy and harmonious not only in singing, but also in other areas.

The teaching will be in groups of max. 6 participants. Individually teaching is also an option for some of the lessons if the teacher finds that it will make sense according to the subject and participants.

Materials are not included in the price.
NB. The teaching will be in English.