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Nu kan du tilmelde dig alle efterårets hold her på hjemmesiden. Og glæd dig til uge 30 - der lander det trykte katalog nemlig i din postkasse.

Undervisning i bulgarsk for begyndere | FOF Aarhus

Bulgarian for Beginners

This course is designed for those who have never learned Bulgarian but wish to communicate with Bulgarian friends, relatives, or people encountered while on vacation in Bulgaria. You will become familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet, used by approximately 250 million people in about 50 languages worldwide.

The course will equip you with skills to converse in Bulgarian on everyday topics such as travel, hobbies, family, food, clothing, colors, numbers, and more. Additionally, you will gain insights into Bulgarian culture, customs, and celebrations.

A basic understanding of grammatical terms (from your own language or from another second language) can be useful as we will look into grammar, too. Topics covered include personal pronouns, grammatical genders and numbers of nouns and adjectives, definite and indefinite articles, present tense, question words, and more.

The course is conducted in English.

Teaching materials
As our textbook, we will use Bulgarian Language for Refugees - A1 published by 'Caritas Sofia.' The book is available for free download in PDF format. The participants are kindly requested to print out the pages themselves. More information follows on the first day of the course.

Course materials are not included in the fee.



Dato Tid Sted Navn
1 Onsdag 18.09.2024 19:00-20:50 Åby Skole Elitsa Mineva
2 Onsdag 25.09.2024 19:00-20:50 Åby Skole Elitsa Mineva
3 Onsdag 02.10.2024 19:00-20:50 Åby Skole Elitsa Mineva
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Underviser | Elitsa Mineva

Elitsa Mineva

I am teaching both arts and language at FOF Aarhus.

During my higher education, I am trained in teaching arts, and I am an artist too. My specialization is in oil painting and portrait (you can visit my website here).

I have experience in teaching students in different age groups and different levels of proficiency of their art skills, from beginners to people who have chosen art as their professional path in life.

In my art courses I teach realistic painting, including human anatomy in portrait, as well as expressionism.

As a language teacher, I see foreign languages as a cultural bridge between different people. Learning a new language is a way to connect with other nationalities on a more personal level. I've studied a couple of languages myself which gave me a lot of insight into different cultures. I’d love to help people getting to know my language and my culture as well.