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Hjemmesiden åbner snart! Du kan se alle de nye hold den 8/12 - så hold godt øje og glæd dig til at finde dit drømmehold.

Billede af bedehjul_Indien_Hindi

Hindi for Beginners

Hindi for Beginners

Namaste नमस्ते!
World's best way to understand India, experience Hinglish. Hindi is an official language of India and the third most spoken language in the world. It is a phonetic language, easy to learn, write and speak through Hinglish. Speaking a few sentences in Hindi can open cultural doors and give you the most heartwarming experiences. 

We will focus on the spoken everyday language, so that after the course you will be familiar with most common words and phrase constructions. You will thus be able to present yourself in Hindi and have a basic conversation. You will also learn the beautiful Devanagari script, just as we enter into everyday life, culture and social conditions in India.

It would be helpful for those who love traveling and want to explore the authenticity and geographical diversity of Incredible India. People with interest in Bollywood and songs will enjoy learning Hindi.

Course materials are not included in the fee.