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Vi åbner for tilmelding til alle efterårets hold d. 9. juni - men vi lægger løbende nye hold på hjemmesiden, så hold øje når der kommer nyt!

About us and our courses

Read more about FOF Aarhus and the possibilities for you as a non-Danish speaker, or scroll down to find some of our courses taught in English.

Welcome to FOF Aarhus
FOF offer non-formal education primarily for adults. We consider it an objective of non-formal adult education to contribute to education of all individuals and to improve active commitment of every citizen in the development of a society of freedom, responsibility, and democracy.
FOF’s object is to advance knowledge about people and society and to contribute to qualifying and developing the individual person, thereby providing the possibility for a richer life as an individual and as well as a member of society.

Mission & vision

  • FOF’s mission is to expand the individual person’s level of insight, broadness of outlook and quality of life.

  • FOF’s vision is to provide adult liberal education that includes both learning and experiences.

  • FOF’s logo is: The spiral – the ever-continuing development that knows its own point of departure.

About FOF
FOF Aarhus is part of the national union FOF which has 39 local schools in 82 municipalities around the country. Each local school is an independent unit with its own budget and board of directors.
FOF is Denmark’s largest provider of adult liberal education. Each year more than 200,000 people acquire insight, knowledge, and experiences through one of FOF’s courses, lectures, or excursions. Thereby, FOF is an important actor with respect to public health. FOF’s activities are for everyone – regardless of sex, race, or religion.
FOF, the adult education association, was founded in 1947.

More healthy, clever, and happy

FOF’s courses enable you to improve your skills, social competences, creativity and motoric and suppleness. We offer a range of courses in:

  • Language
  • Creativity
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Exercise and health
  • Culture
  • First aid
  • As well as activities for parents to be plus baby/parent activities.

Participating as a non-Danish speaker
We continuously offer courses held in English, this involves some courses in first aid and antenatal classes/childbirth consultation. You can find these on our website.
Most of our activities are being held in Danish. If you wish to enroll for a course, please contact us. In this way, we make sure that the tutor has the necessary skills to teach the course in English as well as Danish, and to ensure your gain from the course. You will perhaps find it easier to follow an exercise class taught in Danish than a sewing class, thereby, it is always a good idea to contact us.
Please contact us on or 8612 2955
NB: If you wish to enroll for our FVU classes in Danish, it is necessary that you both speak and understand some Danish in order follow the classes.

Are you looking for a particular course?
You are always welcome to contact us if you have a particular wish for a course, you would like to be held in English. It is useful knowledge for us in future planning of our courses.

About pricing
The participants themselves pay most of the costs. The Danish municipalities subsidies evening classes. There are large differences between the municipal levels of subsidizing. The participants themselves pay by far the greater part of course fees.

courses in english

Billede af tavle fra engelsk undervisning

Conversation & Grammar (B2) - Intensive Course