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Alle aktiviteter med fysisk fremmøde i FOF Aarhus sættes i bero til og med foreløbigt mandag den 5. april, til det af myndighederne meldes ud, at det igen er forsvarligt at genoptage vores undervisning.

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Music Theory for rhythmic musicians - online

Music Theory for rhythmic musicians - online

The course will focus on the principals of music theory and harmony from a basic level. The course will concentrate on:

  • Study of the basics of notation and nomenclature.
  • Study of intervals: learning music nomenclature and the difference between the enharmonics.
  • Study of scales: learning the intervallic structure of the major, minor scales and the derivative modes. Learning the difference between parallel and relative scales.
  • Basics of harmony: learning how to build chords from the major and minor scales starting from the triads and then adding the 7ths to come up with the basic harmonic universes of the major, minor scales and modes. Studying harmonic functions and start with basic harmonic analysis.

The course and materials will be in English. Materials are not included in the price.

Online activities are conducted through the video meeting platform Zoom. You can download and use Zoom for free. Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email containing a short user guide of Zoom including a unique link, which will give you access to your course.