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Rundvisninger og ture hos FOF København

Drawing with David at Statens Museum for Kunst

Drawing with David at Statens Museum for Kunst

BEMÆRK ændring af underviser på dette kursus. Der undervises på dansk.

Come participate in a fun and unusual drawing class at Denmark’s National Museum of Art! Learn various traditional as well as untraditional drawing approaches, besides practicing your observational skills. Your creativity will be challenged.

Materials: the museum currently allows the use of graphite drawing tools. Look for (preferably) 4b, 6b and 9b pencils and/or a soft/medium graphite block. Get a kneaded eraser (knetgummi). Do not use a #2 pencil or an ordinary eraser. A somewhat larger drawing pad is much easier to work on than a very small one.

The class will be held in easily understandable English with translations into Danish if necessary. You, of course, are welcome to speak Danish. A year’s entry card to the museum is required.


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