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Yoga hos FOF København

Fundamental yoga-knowledge

– 30 hours course 

10 Sundays spread over the year with all the fundamental knowledge for a safer and more effective yoga practice. Designed for beginners interested in improving and deepening their knowledge in yoga and for advanced practitioners who aim to become teachers and want to review fundamental knowledge. 

With this 30 hours program we expect you to deepen your yoga-knowledge, to build a very safe and effective practice. Improving your self-management and overall health.

Includes: basic anatomy, meditation, breathing exercises.

Detailed scheduled

1st lecture

We start with a conference about the function of the Yoga-poses, to understand the main ideas why we practice phisycal poses. We will study as well the fundamental principles to prevent injuries in the yoga practice, bringing strengh to the muscles and protecting joints. After the conference we will have a laboratory workshop, studying and practicing some yoga poses, including preparatory versions for beginners. Is recommended to have empty stomach. We expect to give you the fundmental knowledge to improove your practice respecting your limits; help you to create your preparatory versions and create strategies to progressively try the complicated poses. 

2nd lecture

Yoganidra or yogic sleep, is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. We start with a conference explaining how to practice and its functions. Studying the different poses for a deep relaxation and how to adjust precisely the body into it. We will study as well the main traditional types of guided relaxations and visualizations. After the conference we will have a 30 minutes practical class when you will be invited to try some of the technics. Is recommended to have empty stomach.We expect you to give you the main tools to practice self-relaxation, dissolve tensions and eventualy help you to improove your sleep. 

3rd lecture

Inversions are very common in different yoga methods. It brings more blood and oxigen to the brain and works some muscles that we don't use often. We will study about the phisycal and psychological benefits of practicing inversions and of course how to practice safely, preventing injuries. As always, preparatory versions for beginners will be provided. After the conference we will have a class, first with some preparatory exercises then some versions of inversions followed by a guided relaxation. Is recommended to have empty stomach. We expect to help you to refine your inversions for a very safe practice that brings just benefits. 

4th lecture

Following the teachings of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, we will start with a conference about why meditate is so crucial in the yoga tradition. We will study different options of meditation poses and different stages and types of meditation. The conference will be alternated with the practical part. We expect you to give you the fundamental knowledge helping you to start your meditation practices and improove your self-management. Even 5 minutes of meditation it can brings you more focus and clear mind.

​5th lecture

The core and all abdominal muscles are crucial for good overall posture and a healthy back. In the short conference we will enumerate the different purposes of practicing core exercises then we will practice: the very interesting nauli exercise, uddiyana bandha and some other abdominal yogic exercises. We expect to bring you tools to have more awareness and strength in the abdominal region, that improves your practice and daily life. It is highly recommended to have empty stomach for this workshop. 

6th lecture

Following the teaching of BKS Iygengar we will alternate conference and practice and try different types of pranayama. We expect to help you with the fundamental techniques to breath better and refine the awareness about the connection between the breath, mind and emotions.

​7th lecture

Months ago a video of a father vocalizing the mantra OM to his crying baby went viral on the web. The baby suddenly calmed down. For the yogis this is nothing new. The vibration that the mantra produces it is well known for its soothing properties. Let's study about what science knows about the benefits of vocalizing mantras, then we will practice the main traditional mantras. We expect to offer you a nice experience of vocalizing the traditional mantras in group.

​8th lecture

We present you the fundamental ideas in the most important work on yoga of all time. We expect to introduce you the main values and yogic life style commenting this impeccable work about plenitude acquisition.

​9th and 10th lecture

In two meetings, we will discuss the main physical and psychological yogic techniques to establish happiness. For these conferences we highly recommend you to read the book: "The Value of the values" from Swami Dayananda Saraswati. We start the two meetings with conferences enumerating the most relevant yogic techniques for happiness acquisition then we discuss together. You are welcome to bring your questions.