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Closeup af forskellige britiske værker fra 18-tallet

Talking about literature

Talking about literature

Using literature from the 16th-20th centuries as our points of departure, we will talk about British history and society. Each class will open with a brief presentation of the author as well as a brief overview on the corresponding period.

The key authors are: T. Wyatt, A. Behn, D. Defoe, J. Austen, C. Dickens, W. Owen and R. Brooke. Through coursework and discussions, participants will practice conversation in English, increase their vocabulary as well as develop an understanding of the interplay between internal and external factors in the relevant socio-cultural and political life of Early Modern Britain through the Victorian and Edwardian eras, ending with WW1.

Syllabus will primarily consist of extracts from novels and poetry. Compendium will be available for the course. 
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