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Cook with Krutika

Cook with Krutika

Explore Vegan Delights with Krutika's Indian Feast

Welcome to Indian Feast, where our seven-generation legacy meets modern vegan cuisine. Inspired by a child's thoughtful query, our shift from vegetarianism to veganism has given birth to dishes that blend deep-rooted ethics with irresistible flavors, right here in Gundsømagle.

Krutika, our founder, started her love affair with cooking at just 7 years old, surrounded by family tales and aromatic recipes. Now, she's excited to share this passion with you through an exclusive FOF cooking course. Uncover traditional recipes, get hands-on with vegan twists, and be a part of a culinary journey that bridges past and present. Whether you’re a cooking pro or just starting out, this course offers both skills and stories.

Come, be a part of our story, and let's create and enjoy the magic of Indian Feast together.