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Sangundervisning i FOF

Stemmetræning for sangere

Stemmetræning for sangere

OBS - eneundervisning

- to develop the unique personal voice of every participant
- to experience singing with the whole body
- to find the right style for different kinds of music
- to cure individual voice problems

I can provide piano accompaniment in order to really experience the meaning of singing.

Everybody has a unique voice but many lack the knowledge of how to use it to its fullest.
A beautiful voice is a big advantage - not just in music.
Enhancing your voice is enhancing your personality.
My goal is to encourage my students to find the joy of song and speech and to find new possibilities to perform music with their own unique personal instruments.

Medbring: Scores or Tablet + notebook and pen. 

Der undervises på engelsk eller tysk og en smule dansk.