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Danse-workshop Find din indre glød

Danse-Workshop - Find din indre glød

Danse-Workshop - Find your inner glow

Dance your inner body (Workshop in english)

Our encounter will start with a few breathing exercises that will bring you more into your physical body and still the mind. This way an openness will be created, so any suppressed emotions can be released through dance.
I invite you in a space where you can surrender to your inner rhythm. A safe place where we can have fun, free our minds, and release any stuck emotions.
Through movement and music, it’s easy to have fun and heal at the same time.  
The movement arises from within, so there is no structure, choreography or formal steps. This is why every person will express themselves differently, through movements that can represent their experiences.
There is also a deep connection between movements and the 5 elements in nature, so this will be the frame of our dance journey: earth- heaviness, grounding, slow movements, water- easy flow, cleansing, slowly letting go, fire-chaos, destruction of the old, energy for the new, death and rebirth, air- easiness, inner guidance in a new environment and space- stillness, being whole.

We will finish our class with a guided meditation, so you can expand your consciousness beyond your physical, emotional and mental body.
Take some comfortable clothes and let your inner body guide your every move. This class is for everybody, so let’s enjoy it together.