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Indian Traditional Food

Indian Traditional Food

When you think about India , what strikes in your mind first ? I think that most of them will say INDIAN FOOD. 
Yes, as we all know that Indian food is very delicious and tasty. So this is the time to learn  some special and common recipes from India.

I would love to teach you different types of Indian Snacks, Curry, variety of Rice, Breads( Naan, Puri) and Vegetables. We will make mostly vegetarian dishes. 
The taste of India you can create in your home kitchen,  when you will come to know about the use of different types of spices and their flavour. 
Be ready for mouth watering course of learning. 




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1 Fredag 23.06.2023 16:00-19:00 Billund Skolen Shivani Shukla

Shivani Shukla