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Tilmelding til nyhedsbrev her

Empty your fridge / Tøm dit køleskab

Empty your fridge / Tøm dit køleskab

Ever wondered what to do with all the leftovers in your fridge?

Do you have the experience that food ends up in the garbage bin because you didn’t know what to do with it?

You might have seen tv-shows where chefs have to cook from a black box. That is exactly what we will be doing. At each course you’ll bring your leftovers and together we’ll turn them into surprising meals that you can take home (that is if we haven’t eaten it on the spot).

You will learn cooking basics, gain knowledge about flavors and learn what ingredients you need to have in stock to make something out of nothing. In the end you’ll develop your culinary creativity.

Together we will empty your fridge without throwing food away. Better for your valid, better for you, better for the world.

Sign up today for this black box experience.

Bring: boxes for leftovers, apron, beverages.

Undervisningen foregår på engelsk (og lidt dansk) / the teacher speaks english (and a little bit of danish)