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Vi er i fuld gang med at planlægge den kommende sæson med spændende kurser, foredrag, ture og rejser. Derfor er vores hjemmeside lidt tom i øjeblikket. Alle nye hold for næste sæson vil være tilmeldingsklar inden sommerferien.

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Yoga in English - FOF Vest

Yoga in English

Yoga in English

Each class will consist of both Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga as described here.
Ashtanga is the holistic 8-fold path of Yoga to achieve the balanced state of mind by practicing Concentration (dharana), Breath regulation (pranayama), Meditation (dhyana) and Body postures (asanas).
Hatha yoga consists of physical movements through various body postures (asanas) standing, sitting, and lying along with breath regulation. The aim is to improve body strength, balance, and flexibility.

Each yoga session begins with Conditioning (preparation) & Mantras chanting followed by warm up, postures (asanas), relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation.

Your instructor:
Vineeta Joshi is a certified Yoga instructor born in India and living in Esbjerg. She has completed 200 hours of yoga teachers training & exam from "The Yoga Institute, Mumbai (India)”. She is also a certified CPR rescuer and holds a Master in science degree.