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Vi er i fuld gang med at gøre efterårets spændende tilbud klar, der kan derfor stadig mangler billeder og tekster på flere hold. Kontoret holder sommerferie fra d. 1. juli - 8. august (begge dage inkl.). God sommer!

American Burgers

American Burgers

Do you find the Burger King, the Carl’s Jr., and the Clown Burger true American hamburgers? Do you find all burgers unhealthy? Then think again! Learn how to easily make - and eat - a real American burger from a real American. 

You will get acquainted with

- the ingredients for a classic American burger
- variations of this classic - including healthy fillers to stretch your food budget
- what goes into a burger-bar and how easy it is to host a ''build your own burger''-evening
- how to maneuver a burger using only your hands
- side dishes to complement (E EJ I) a burger 
- a lot of other things! 
An ideal experience for couples and friends. At the end of the evening we will enjoy eating our masterpieces, so bring your favorite burger beverage and not to mention a bunch of napkins!
The class will be implemented primarily in English supplemented with Danish and due to an acquired cerebral hemorrhage in a little slow speech. 

Depending on the price of food rising, I anticipate an additional fee of 60-125 kr. per person.
Bring dish cloths and tea towels to clean up.