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Det Skotske Højland, Engelskundervisning hos FOF Køge Bugt

Conversation 3 - keep it up (C1)

Conversation 3 - keep it up (C1)

This is an English class for people of all ages who wish to maintain or improve their knowledge of English. To join the class, you should be capable of holding a discussion in English and reading intermediate to advanced articles or short texts in English. 

The structure of the teaching is relatively free form where the participants are expected to be able to discuss short texts and poems.

There will also be lessons where students choose the articles or subjects that the class discuss. The lessons will be supplemented with examples from English text books. English will be the main language used during the lesson.

Please note
Costs for materials must be expected.

This class meets in alternate weeks.

The teacher is fluent in Danish and you are welcome to contact FOF if you have any questions

You are welcome to contact the teacher if you have any pending questions.