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Dumfries and Galloway, Engelskundervisning hos FOF Køge Bugt

Conversation 2 - carry on talking

Conversation 2 - carry on talking

This level is for you who have a basic but adequate understanding and knowledge regarding everyday subjects –from reading short stories and novels, to listening to the news on the television and the radio, but wish to improve and expand your vocabulary through conversation. The goal is to maintain, develop, and expand your current vocabulary even further, making it easier for you to comfortably communicate in various situations about everything from everyday situations to specific topics. We read and discuss on various topics, ranging from the news to the weather, practice our spoken english, and, last but not least, have FUN!

Costs for materials must be expected.

Please note that some of the classes does not follow the FOF holiday schedule.

You are welcome to contact the teacher if you have any pending questions.