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Wonder Woman

Live in harmony with your hormonal cycle! Know the seasons inside of you and learn how to use them as your feminine superpower.

Did you know that the main event of our natural hormonal cycle is ovulation, not menstruation? Without ovulation there is no fertility, no menstruation, and no healthy balance of the feminine hormones, which are responsible for us living with vitality in a cycle of four inner seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter).

Were you educated to live with the flow of your natural inner seasons? Did you start taking a hormonal contraceptive, not knowing that it would shut down your ovulation? Do you experience, that there is no space and understanding for feminine cyclical strengths and needs in society?

Then it’s time to gift yourself with some female empowerment! Start finding self-consciousness and self-confidence by (re)connecting to your cyclical being..


This course is for individuals of all ages and genders with a menstrual cycle. If you are already very familiar with the different phases of your cycle or are using the Symptothermal Method, this course may not provide many new insights, but you are still very welcome. The spoken language will be English. Participation requires an intermediate level of English. Danish, German, Portuguese, and Spanish can be used as languages of mediation.


The course:

  • Introduces into essential knowledge about how the feminine hormonal cycle works and how it influences everyday life. 
  •  Creates or fosters awareness for and consciousness of the own cyclical being and cyclical living.
  • Provides methods for further self-exploring and information for further self-study.


  • What happens inside of your body during one cycle?
  • How do the cycle seasons affect your strengths and needs?
  • Why and how to track your cycle? (Superficial introduction into NFP Sensiplan – Self-perception based method of cycle tracking)
  • How to adapt your lifestyle to your cycle seasons? (food, sports, social contacts and activities, performances, studies, and work)


  • With head, heart and hand – means: knowledge acquisition, emotional reflecting and empowerment, practical exercises and strategies
  • Interactive and participative
  • Creation of space of respect, trust, and confidentiality


  • Cycle tracking skills and own documentation for one complete cycle
  • Methos of self-perception and body awareness
  • A better understanding of your body and a stronger connection to your femininity
  • Knowledge to explain your cyclical nature and your specific needs to others
  • Ideas of how to include your cyclical needs and strengths in your everyday life

Feel more than welcome to join. Just bring your curiosity to discover more about yourself and your femininity. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you!



Dato Tid Sted Navn
1 Mandag 08.04.2024 10:00-12:00 FOF Vejle (Vinding) Inka Fischer Leoncio
2 Mandag 22.04.2024 10:00-12:00 FOF Vejle (Vinding) Inka Fischer Leoncio
3 Mandag 29.04.2024 10:00-12:00 FOF Vejle (Vinding) Inka Fischer Leoncio
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Inka Fischer Leoncio

I’m a cultural and social anthropologist as well as a pedagogue. I’m absolutely curious about understanding human beings and driven by the goal of contributing to increased awareness and consciousness in society. I’m passionate about accompanying people in creating a better connection with themselves and with others. My work experience spans roles such as a documentary film director, researcher, university lecturer, and coach for intercultural competences and conflict management.

Since my early studies in anthropology, social hierarchies, patriarchy, and gender have been topics of my interest and specialization. Lately, I have discovered how little most people know about the feminine body and health and how much knowledge about it can have an emancipating, liberating, and self-loving effect on those who acquire it. I’m one such example.

As I have been having an extremely enriching experience myself, I’m eager to inspire others to start their processes of understanding and feeling the connection between their hormonal cycle, lifestyle, and well-being. I would love to share my knowledge about the cycle-related functions of the female body and introduce you to cycle tracking as a method of self-awareness.

Feel warmly welcome to a safe space for the exchange of experiences and female empowerment =)