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Mennesker til thai mad kursus

Cooking Together

"The best part is taking home some new skills, that we can apply to our cooking together."

The smell of spices is spreading through the kitchen. The sound of chopping, mixed with the clinking of glasses and excited voices. A young couple, Avin and Dani, high five and help each other form perfect spring rolls, ready to get fried in the big simmering pot.

“This is our first time doing a cooking class. It was a birthday present from my partner Avin who thought it could be a fun idea for a shared activity. And it’s something we can keep practicing together afterwards,” Dani writes us in an e-mail from the Jordan desert.

Friske råvare til madlavnings kursus hos FOF København

The international and adventurous couple enjoy learning new things together and in FOF København’s kitchen they can focus on just that while making memories that’ll last well beyond the last spring roll.

“It was a meaningful way to spend some quality time together, have fun and learn something new. And of course: To eat delicious food and meet the others in the class! The best part is taking home some new skills, that we can apply to our cooking together.”

Dani doesn’t speak Danish yet, so the couple chose a class where the teacher speaks English. FOF København got several cooking classes that are taught in English, whether you want to impress your friends with traditional dishes or are opting for delicious classic courses.

Mennesker til thai mad kursus

Cooking together is a special experience and a perfect way to bond with your partner, family or friends – and a possibility to meet new people who share your interest in cooking.

Back in the kitchen, the participants are lining up bowls of aromatic Thai soup and heaping plates of fried spring rolls. There’s a lively discussion about the perfect folding techniques and how spicy the dipping sauce should be. Everyone shares their leftovers and go home with bags filled with new flavours and experiences.

“It was really great to sit down and try each other’s food to see how different variations of the same recipe can turn out.”

Now it’s your turn – find a cooking class in English here and come hungry – it will be an experience for all your senses.