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Hvis du har gået på et hold i foråret, som fortsætter til efteråret, har vi reserveret en plads til dig. Du får direkte besked, før alle efterårets hold bliver lagt online 19. juni.

Madkurser hos FOF København

Japanese Cuisine (in English) – Summer Course

Japanese Cuisine (in English) – Summer Course

In this summer course you will get an introduction to the exciting Japanese home cooking! You will learn how to make delicious Japanese home-style dishes using real good quality Japanese seasonings such as miso, soy sauce, shio koji, and sake.

If you make one sauce, you can apply it to many different dishes. If a dinner dish tastes good even when it is cold and can be used as a side dish for the next day's lunch – it makes everyday life easier, doesn't it? You will get lots of tips and tricks to use at home after the course.

We will make

  • Dashi – Japanese broth
  • Tsukudani – boiled kelp with seasoning
  • Takikomi gohan – rice seasoned and cooked with different ingredients
  • Tamagoyaki – Japanese omelette
  • Aemono – vegetables mixed with sauce
  • Miso soup with seasonal vegetables
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Nikudango – Japanese meat ball

Please bring

Drinks, tea towels, dishcloths and a lunch box with lids for leftovers to bring back home.

Please note

Ingredients are included in the price, and we use organic ingredients as much as possible.


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