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Glæd dig til forårets kurser, foredrag og ture! Vi lægger løbende nye hold på hjemmesiden, og hele programmet er online den 12. december.

Sangundervisning hos FOF København: Classical Singing

Classical Singing

Classical Singing

In this course you will work with opera singer Leila Sherzai who has international experience with students of all ages and levels from beginners to advanced.

Leila teaches theoretical knowledge and musical terminology as well as practical skills, including how to overcome the fear of singing in public, how to act on stage and how to develop your personal stage presence and vocal style. We will work on classical singing techniques including breathing, diction, phrasing and more.

Together we will discover your unique and authentic individual sound. This helps you to tune in to your sense of self and gain self-confidence. Leila instructs using the bel canto technique, which builds the foundation of good breath support, helps you shape your phrases, improves your pitch work, and opens your resonators.

Leila has won international competitions and has served internships in opera houses. She is a certified voice teacher and has graduated with honors from Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Martucci in Salerno, Italy. Leila is a concert opera singer with extensive experience teaching singing.

Bring your passion for music to life and reach your fullest potential as a singer!


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