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Complete Vocal Technique – Advanced (in English)

Complete Vocal Technique – Advanced (in English)

In this course, we will work on any technical challenges you may have and work on song interpretation. At the advanced level, you are expected to be confident singing alone, have a good technical foundation and have experience performing in front of an audience. The course embraces your whole person – body and mind are connected. Therefore, we sometimes navigate on a psychological level and unfold all the potential that may be hiding behind mental barriers. Anything is possible – bring your biggest dreams and I will do my best to help you achieve them.

How are the course taught?

Here are some examples of the topics we can work on: Power to the voice, reaching higher/lower notes, longer phrases, transitions, stamina (so the voice doesn't get tired too quickly), vibrato, air to the voice, fast runs, coloring the voice darker/lighter, groove, phrasing, rhythmic precision, improvisation and storytelling.

You can be accompanied on a piano if you bring sheet music with chord symbols or we can use backing tracks.In terms of musical styles, there are no limits when working at a technical level. If you want to be instructed stylewise, my expertise lies mostly in pop, jazz, classical and Latin.

Please note

Please sign up after contacting the instructor. Together we will determine if this level is right for you.

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