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Sangundervisning hos FOF København

Complete Vocal Technique – Advanced (in English) – vinterferie

Complete Vocal Technique – Advanced (in English) – vinterferie

In this course during the Danish Winter Holiday, we work on any challenges you may have with singing techniques and the interpretation of songs. At the advanced level, you are expected to have a good technical basis and sing solo with confidence. You may even have experience performing live, but this is not a requirement. Your desire to sing well is what matters most, so that you can successfully produce the sound and style that you would like to develop.

Complete Vocal Technique embraces you as a whole person. Your mind and body are interconnected, so sometimes we try to identify and overcome any mental barriers so that you can unleash your potential. Everything is possible. We will help you achieve your singing dreams.

If you bring sheet music with chords, you can be accompanied on piano. Alternatively, we can use backing tracks. Regarding preferred musical styles, improving vocal techniques can be applied to all genres.

If you would like to be instructed in a particular style, my primary areas of expertise are pop, jazz, classical and Latin.

If you are uncertain as to whether this course or level suits you, please feel free to contact the instructor directly.

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