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English Pronunciation Workshop

English Pronunciation Workshop

This workshop is directed primarily at non-Danes.

Do you need to speak English for your studies or in your workplace? Do people sometimes find it hard to understand what you are saying?

We will work on a variety of pronunciation exercises for three hours. You will get help so that you can express yourself more clearly.

We will begin with sounds that are difficult for many people, such as /th/. We will differentiate between sounds like /v/ and /w/ or /r/ and /l/.

We will work on consonant clusters, such as the /br/ in ‘brave’, the /kst/ in ‘sixty’, and final sounds such as /ksts/ in ‘texts’ and /sks/ in ‘tasks’.

Additional exercises will be selected depending on the specific language backgrounds of the participants.

Please note

Our courses are divided in different levels – read more about level description here: Level Description.

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