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Spanish for Beginners

Spanish for Beginners

Spanish for Beginners provides English speaking students with an introduction to Spanish language and cultures. This course is intended for students who have little or no previous knowledge of the Spanish language.

The class provides students with a solid foundation of the basic grammatical structures that help them to communicate effectively while reading, writing, speaking, and listening at a basic level about familiar topics. By the end of the course, participants should be able to understand and confidently express information and achieve an elementary level of communicative competence in everyday situations. The class also introduces the traditions and cultures of the regions where Spanish is spoken and raises awareness of the general social and cultural environment associated with the Spanish language.

Students actively participating in and completing Spanish for Beginners will:

  • Have a sound grasp of the basic grammatical structures of the Spanish language
  • Read and comprehend simple texts and audio presentations and be able to extract specific information related to everyday situations
  • Communicate effectively on a variety of general topics and exchange simple information on familiar and routine matters, both verbally and in writing

Please note

The programme is loosely based the objectives of A1 / A2 levels as described by the Common European Framework for Languages. Our courses are divided in different levels – read more about level description here: Level Description.


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