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Design dine egne klistermærker og tøjprint på kreativt kursus hos FOF Nordsjælland

Design your own stickers and prints with cutting plotter

Design your own stickers and prints with cutting plotter

As the name describes, a cutting plotter is a machine which can cut different materials. In this course you will learn to work with the Silhouette Studio program and create your own designs on the computer. We use different fonts, icons and pictures to make your own cutting file.

After choosing the right material for our project and adjust the settings, we let the cutting plotter do its magic. You will then make the cutted material ready to apply to your desired surface.

We will work with different foils to make prints on fabric (t-shirt, baby clothes, bags, felt, ...) and stickers on smooth surfaces (glass, paper, wood,…). There are countless possibilities and projects waiting for you!

Basic material costs are included. You will have the possibility to buy different low-priced blank workpieces (bags, tea towels, keychains,…) from your teacher.

Materials to bring: Laptop and charging cable, pointed tweezer, pen for notes, and scissors.

If you need more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your teacher by email:

Obs. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.