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Dokk1 ved Europaplads i Aarhus. Danishcourse for Beginners, FOF Aarhus.

Danish language courses

Danish language courses for international students, expats and other foreigners

Are you staying in Aarhus for a longer period, and would you like to invest some time and work in improving the social quality of your stay?

Speaking and understanding Danish is a key to connect socially and culturally to your new surroundings, and FOF Aarhus offers a possibility to learn Danish from scratch – or, if you are not a beginner anymore, to improve your basic skills.

These Danish language courses are an alternative to the formal (and free) Danish classes, and they will not prepare you for taking any official exam. But if you are in for a bit of hard work, and if you are willing to pay for the course yourself, we can promise you a quick and efficient way to your goal.

To participate in the beginner’s courses, you will have to be comfortable in English.

We strongly recommend you take our free online language test before joining one of our Danish courses as to ensure that the level is right for you.

Are you looking for our exam courses (FVU)? Click here.