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Glæd dig til alle vores nye kurser, foredrag og ture! Vi åbner løbende for tilmelding, og senest d. 7/6 kan du se hele vores efterårsprogram på hjemmesiden.

Madkursus i autentisk indisk madlavning ved FOF århus

Activities in English

explore our courses in english

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Vietnamese Cooking

Activities for English speakers in Aarhus

Welcome at FOF Aarhus! We offer a broad range of activities for all, whether your hobby or interest is arts and crafts, culture, fitness and health, cooking, writing, photography, language, or music and singing – just to mention a few.
The activities are for everyone to join, and there are no exams. Some of our courses are only for one day and some courses last several months. The prices start at DKK 40, -

On most of our courses, you are welcome as an English speaker. Please contact us if you wish to participate in a specific course. In this way, we make sure that the teacher has the necessary skills to teach the course in English as well as in Danish to ensure your gain from the course. You can contact us on and +45 8612 2955.

We continuously offer courses only in English as well, which you can sign up for without contacting us. Se the courses we have planned above.

Get inspired by some of the courses we mention here. Choose your next activity today – we look forward to seeing you on our courses!

Discover a foreign cuisine, expand your tastebuds, and learn different techniques in our kitchen in the center of Aarhus. Perhaps you want to learn how to make a three-course meal, or freestyle vegetarian and vegan food? Also, check out Food Maker, where young people meet every week, cook, and eat together.

Find the joy of making your own pottery, jewelry, clothes, paintings, or e.g., flower decorations. Our arts & crafts are for everyone who enjoy being creative or learning a new skill.

From high intensity and lots of power to deep breaths, focus and meditation with yoga or pilates – here you can find your favorite way to stay physically healthy. Fitness for senior citizens, (belly) dancing, tai chi, and workouts for people with physically or mentally disability – and so much more!

Learn a new instrument, join a band, or sing in a choir. You do not need to play like Clapton or sing like Beyoncé – at FOF we highlight the community and the joy and fun of producing music together. However, if you want to take your music or singing to a new level, we also have courses in music theory and music production.

Whether you need to learn a new language for your studies abroad or a business trip, or you just wish to brush up a language you once learned, we have the course for you. Choose from more than 20 different languages from beginner to expert level.

Before and after pregnancy
Are you or your partner expecting? On our contraction and childbirth class (antenatal class) you will get knowledge, techniques, and safety, so you are prepared for the forthcoming birth. After the birth, you can join one of our many (fitness) activities for parent & baby. Our "Musik og rytmik" is very popular among parents and their babies/children from 3 months old to 3 and a half!

First aid
Are you getting your driver’s license just now? Then you need a traffic related first aid course. You can participate in a course taught in English or have a look at our courses in Danish. Check out our many different first aid courses for all as well, e.g. first aid - babies.

Are you looking for a particular course?
You are always welcome to contact us if you have a particular wish for a course, you would like to be held in English. It is useful knowledge for us in future planning of our courses.

NB: If you wish to enroll for our FVU classes in Danish, it is necessary that you both speak and understand some Danish in order follow the classes.