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Førstehjælpskursus ved FOF Aarhus, underviser Bente Dyhrberg

Traffic-related first aid

Traffic-related first aid

Traffic related first aid – from DKK 445,-

Are you taking your driver’s license and looking for a first aid course in English? At FOF Aarhus you can get your first aid certificate right in the heart of Aarhus. The course is 8 hours and held on weekends.

You get:

- 4 hours of CPR and defibrillator

- 4 hours of traffic related first aid in general

The course is very hands-on, and you must participate in the exercises. The theory behind first aid will be explained, and the instructor will be aware of breaks during the course.

FOF Aarhus’ first aid courses are in association with Aarhus Driving Instructors.

The course is conducted in English.

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