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Førstehjælpskursus til babyer ved FOF Aarhus, underviser Bente Dyhrberg.

First aid – children (English)

First aid – children (English)

This course is especially usable for:

People who have or deal with children aged 0-12 years
- Parents and grandparents
- Kinder garden teachers and tutors.

Are you among young children daily? On this course you will learn to act accordingly, if accidents happen, for instance in case of a hard fall, burns/scalds or a finger getting pinched. You will learn all the basic first aid, that you can easily apply in environments with children.

The course can provide you with an electronic first aid certificate approved by Danish First Aid Council.

We recommend you wearing comfortable clothes to be able to do the exercises.

The course will provide you with practical and theoretical knowledge about:

  • The 3 steps of first aid
  • Being conscious or unconscious
  • The ABC-method
  • Stable side bearing
  • Doing CPR (on children)
  • Foreign objects stuck in throat
  • Children’s sicknesses
  • Small injuries, burns, scalding or corrosion
  • Strangulation or drowning.

This course is conducted in English.

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