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Kurset Mal som de gamle mestre, underviser billedkunstner Frantz Nicolaus Klin Nielsen

Oil painting - beginners/intermediate

Oil painting - beginners/intermediate

Explore the timeless and versatile art form!

This course is for you who have never tried oil painting before or those who have little experience with that media.

As a participant in this course, you will learn:

  • How oils are different from other paints
  • How to mix and layer oils
  • How to work with lights and shadows
  • How to create composition and color perspective.
  • What kind of canvas and brushes are suitable for the specific goals you have.

We will paint realism, so we can study how light influences color in the real environment that is surrounding us, what underlying tones stay behind the colors we see with the naked eye and how to achieve them.

Requirements for the Course

To participant in Oil painting - beginners/intermediate, you need no prior knowledge or experience.

Practical Information

The course is conducted in English. It's an great opportunity for you to enhance your language skills while delving into the world of oil painting.

Please note that material costs should be calculated separately.