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Kurister laver indisk mad på madhold i FOF Aarhus

Indian Food

Indian Food

Welcome to the vibrant world of Indian food! Embark on a culinary journey into the heart of Indian cuisine with our beginner's guide.

Brace yourself for an enchanting exploration of flavors that will transport you to the bustling streets and vibrant kitchens of India. From the luscious butter chicken to the fragrant vegetable biryani, the comforting lentil dal to the crispy samosas, the world of Indian food is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

What to expect:

  • Easy Chicken Tikka Masala: A delightful introduction to the world of Indian spices.
  • Flavorful Chana Masala (chickpea curry): A hearty and aromatic vegetarian option.
  • Delicious Protein-Packed Dal: Experience the comfort of lentils in a flavorful curry.
  • Refreshing cucumber raita: A cooling side dish to balance the spice.
  • Puri-Sabzi: Dive into the world of Indian bread with this crispy and delicious pairing.

These dishes are perfect for beginners, allowing you to experience the essence of Indian cooking without overwhelming complexity. So, get ready to dive into the world of Indian flavors and aromas. You'll learn the basics and soon be creating your own tasty Indian dishes, spicing up your kitchen with exciting flavors!

Requirements for the Course

No prior culinary expertise required! This course is designed for enthusiasts at any skill level, from kitchen novices to seasoned cooks. All you need is a passion for discovering new flavors and a willingness to experiment in the kitchen.

Practical Information

The class is held in english.

Ingredients are included.