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Glæd dig til alle vores nye kurser, foredrag og ture! Vi åbner løbende for tilmelding, og senest d. 8/6 kan du se hele vores efterårsprogram.

Okonomiyaki, japansk kålpandekage, japansk madkursus i FOF Aarhus



Discover the art of creating Okonomiyaki, a savory cabbage pancake that holds immense popularity in Japan.

In this interactive cooking class, we will guide you through each step of the process, using an authentic recipe carefully adapted to incorporate ingredients available in Denmark.

You will learn the secrets behind achieving the perfect texture and flavor of Okonomiyaki, mastering the delicate balance of crispiness and tenderness. From the precise preparation of the batter to the arrangement of toppings, we will delve into the nuances that make this dish truly exceptional.

Let's make delicious memories together!

Class is held in english.