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Nu kan du tilmelde dig alle efterårets hold her på hjemmesiden. Og glæd dig til uge 30 - der lander det trykte katalog nemlig i din postkasse.

Mexicanske tacos, madlavningskursus i FOF Aarhus

Taco Night

Taco Night

Come join a cozy Saturday night and prepare delicious tacos, hangout with others, and have a drink.

The course will focus on preparing authentic street tacos with salsas made from scratch. These classes are free of ultra-processed foods, added sugars and gluten.

The class will be held in English. The teacher is Mexican and will provide you with insights into Mexican food culture.

All you have to do is sign up, bring a container for any leftovers, and your preferred drink.

Class is held in english.

Ingredients are included.