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Moderne dans ved FOF Aarhus



Discover the rhythm, energy, and creative expressions of dance, encompassing diverse styles like Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, elements of Jazz, and Musical Theater.

We begin with a fun warm up, which will include body isolations, grooves and stretches. You will learn some dance techniques that are useful in any dance style and will help getting the foundation of the dance styles you'll learn. You will be introduced to a routine (choreography), which we'll keep for the following 2-3 weeks. The course will end with a cool down and stretching.

As participant in the course, you will:

  • improve your memory, rhythm, and coordination. 
  • improve your balance and stamina.
  • boost your confidence. 

Requirements for the Course 

DanceMix is open for all levels, from beginners to experienced students.

Practical Information 

The language in the course will be a mix of English and Danish.