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Skyline Aarhus Rådhus. Danishcourse for Beginners, FOF Aarhus.

Danish for Beginners 1 (A1)

Danish for Beginners 1 (A1)

A Danish course for foreigners, who would like to learn Danish quickly.

You are an absolute beginner in Danish and would like to learn the language form scratch.
Our main focus will be on the spoken language (and the tricky pronunciation), but written exercises will be part of the course as well, securing a profound understanding and use of vocabular and grammar. To follow this course, you must be prepared to do a fair amount of homework between classes.

And who are you?
You have taken an education, or are about to take one, or maybe you are already at work. In any case you have a wish to be able to talk to your Danish co-students, colleagues or neighbours in their own language and thus become a more integrated part of social life in your immediate surroundings.
You are expected to have a good grip on grammar in general from having learned another second language, like German, Spanish, Polish, English, or any other European language.

We use English as a helping language (for example to explain grammar), and for that reason you have to be relatively comfortable in English. However, classes will mainly be conducted in Danish, right from the beginning.

The course is for those who are either not eligible for free Danish courses, or, who prefer a fast track towards mastering the language. The course does not prepare you specifically for taking an official Danish exam.

Expenses for books and materials are not included in the course fee.
You are welcome to take our online language test before joining one of our Danish courses as to ensure that the level is right for you.

Please notice that some of our Danish courses take place twice a week. Please see schedule below.