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Glæd dig til alle vores nye kurser, foredrag og ture! Vi åbner løbende for tilmelding, og senest d. 6/12 kan du se hele vores forårsprogram på hjemmesiden.

Danish course in FOF Aarhus

Danish for Beginners 3 (A1)

Danish for Beginners 3 (A1)

For foreigners, who would like to improve their basic skills in Danish.

You are not a total beginner anymore. You understand basic Danish when spoken slowly, but you are still having difficulties expressing yourself, when the conversation moves away from familiar topics like telling where you live, what your hobbies are, what you saw on television the other day and what you had for dinner last night.

To benefit from this course, you must be prepared to do regular homework between classes.

Though classes will mainly be held in Danish, you’ll have to be comfortable in the English language which we use when dealing with more complicated issues in the Danish grammar. And, talking about grammar, you’d be expected to have a good understanding of general grammar from having previously learned another foreign language, like German, Spanish, Polish, English, or any other European language.

The main focus will be on the spoken language and the pronunciation. However, written exercises will be part of the course as well, securing an in-depth understanding of vocabular and grammar.

And who are you?
You are studying for–or have already completed–a higher education degree, and you wish to be able to take part in colloquial conversations with your Danish fellow students, colleagues and neighbours in their native language and thus feel more integrated and involved in the social life in your immediate surroundings.

The course is designed for those not eligible for free Danish courses, or, who prefer an alternative way to master the language. The course does not prepare you specifically for taking an official Danish exam.

You are welcome to take our free online language test before joining one of our Danish courses as to ensure that the level is right for you.

Please notice that some of these courses take twice a week. Please see schedule below.

Learning materials
We finish the textbook På vej til dansk – trin for trin from the publishing company “Synope” (DKK 335,-) and supply with other materials. You can buy the book directly from the teacher via Mobilepay on the first day of the course, or you can go to our shop in Hans Hartvig Seedorffs Stræde 7, where the book will be available 5 days before the course starts.

Expenses for books and materials are not included in the course fee.